Healthy Vegan Recipes

Veggie Fun Kitchen has always been about the food! The fantastically delicious kick-ass vegan food you can be proud to set on any table. And that will never change!

But there comes a time when some of us are looking for the healthier side of plant-based cooking!

I understand that it can be challenging to sort through an entire blog full of awesome recipes hoping to find something delicious and nutritious.

Looking for the healthy recipes?

That is what you will find on this page. All the best healthy recipes from Veggie Fun Kitchen that are either written or can easily be adapted for the healthier side of plant-based eating.

On this page you will find recipes for:

  • Mostly:
    • whole-food plant-based
    • whole grains
    • complex “veggie carbs”
    • some whole-food fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado
    • some tofu
  • Little or no
    • oil
    • processed sugar
    • processed carbs
    • fake processed vegan foods


veggie lentil soup in white bowl


berry salad with almonds in yellow dish

Dressings and Sauces:

Corkscrew pasta with homemade artichoke sauce in white bowl with salad in background

Main Courses:

three tacos with vegan lentil taco meat on dark background


slice of pumpkin bundt cake on green plate

Come Back Soon!

This is an every evolving page. I’ll be adding new recipes all the time! So come back and visit soon:)

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