About Me

Hi, I’m Cindy- with my exploding pot of vegetables! In this photograph I was looking up and off to the side because one of  the vegetables – a tomato –  I had previously (and overzealously) thrown in the air for the photographer to capture, left a mark on the ceiling above and the spot caught my eye just as she was snapping the picture.  She went ahead and put it all together to give me a chuckle; but really, I love it!  This totally encompasses how I sometimes feel about cooking – a little crazy…a little fun…sometimes stressful…but a great result in the end.

I love to eat.  There, I said it…I love to eat –  but I haven’t always loved to cook. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed with all the planning, buying, chopping, prepping, sautéing, steaming, etc….etc,  that goes into the process before I even get to the eating!

Plant-Based/Vegan cooking can have  it’s own special challenges.  Flavors and textures we were accustomed to incorporating in our cooking are no longer on the table…literally.  We have to learn a whole new way of putting things together and the pressure is there to  make a delicious tasting end-product lest we be accused of producing tasteless, boring, vegan food!  This often leads to recipes with a long list of crazy ingredients and methods we’ve never heard of. Some of my recipes will include such a list of ingredients and instructions, it just can’t be helped.  But anytime I can find an easy substitute or time-saver, I’m all about that.  This is Veggie Fun Kitchen – not Veggie Work All Day in the Kitchen! I’m here to help you on your journey making the process as easy, accessible,  and even a little fun if possible.  Plant-Based/Vegan food is the opposite of bland and boring!  Stick with me and we will create some delicious food:)

When I’m not cooking…or eating, you might find me teaching in my 1st grade classroom, on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, flying around in our little airplane, or going on adventures, enjoying all Southern California has to offer…


…or taking care of these two crazy pups!

2 crazy pups