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two shamrock shakes in glasses with green polkadot straws
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Boozy Vegan Shamrock Shake


 This boozy vegan version of the Shamrock Shake is for grown-ups only.  Make it with dairy-free coconut ice cream or other vegan vanilla ice cream of choice, along with three varieties of alcohol – including creme-de-menthe – for a minty, creamy, boozy green shake. To make this recipe for Boozy […]

butter being placed in measuring cup with milk
Kitchen Wisdom

The Displacement Method for Measuring


 The Displacement method is a quick and easy way of measuring soft or semi-solid ingredients. Measuring out a semi-solid like peanut butter coconut oil, or butter (vegan of course!) can be messy – plus, when some is left in the measuring cup, I’m never sure I’m getting it all. Here […]