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Creamy Latte Coffee Popsicles, Whole Food Plant-Based

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Coffee lovers unite! These creamy coffee popsicles are made from whole food plant-based ingredients for a tasty, healthy, mid-afternoon pick-me-up on a warm summer day. Made with coffee, cashews, and Medjool dates, these coffee popsicles are going to be a tasty break to look forward to each afternoon.

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creamy coffee popsicles a white dish with a few coffee beans scattered on around

After I made my frozen Java Pops that use non-dairy sweetened creamer and agave nectar as ingredients. I realized that my whole food plant-based readers might like to indulge in a caffeinated afternoon frozen treat too! Now I realize that there is a little controversy in the WFPB world about coffee and whether it is healthy or not.

If you don’t drink coffee then this recipe is not for you. Have a nice day:) If, however, you are a fan of coffee then you are going to love this creamy latte version made with wholesome plant-based ingredients!

Things to know about this recipe for healthy creamy coffee popsicles:

  • If you are okay with consuming coffee, you will find only whole food plant-based ingredients in these iced popsicles. No chemicals or processed ingredients.
  • They are creamier and freeze softer than my java pops recipe (which is also quite tasty) – but, they are not as soft as a fudgesicle.
  • Since these coffee popsicles are made with cashews you MUST disclose this to anyone consuming them! Tree nuts can be a serious life-threatening allergen for some people!
  • They have a very slight chocolatey undertone – though there is no added chocolate. If you wanted to make these more of a mocha-flavored popsicle, then add up to one tablespoon of cocoa powder. You’ll want to add another couple of dates too to sweeten it – or add some extra maple syrup after tasting the mixture.

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Ingredients and substitutions needed to make healthy creamy iced coffee pops

  • brewed coffee – Best to make a strong brew of hot coffee for maximum flavor. I have never tried it, but there is not reason you couldn’t use cold brew instead. You could also make your coffee with a french press. I am not sure about using instant coffee though. If you are okay with the flavor, then it should be okay for these coffee popsicles. Or just use leftover regular brewed coffee.
  • raw cashewsI buy mine on Amazon. If you use roasted salted cashews (which I don’t recommend) then soak them overnight and triple rinse to remove the salt. If you do this then don’t soak the dates overnight.
  • Medjool dates – You will be soaking the dates for one hour. Make sure to pit them. If you don’t want to bother with the dates then you can substitute with eight tablespoons of real maple syrup.
  • vanilla extract
  • Use a high-speed blender for blending the cashews and dates. If you have a regular blender then soak the cashews and dates longer – even overnight.
  • You will also need popsicle molds and popsicle sticks. I used this silicone mold I bought on Amazon. It is a ten-space mold with a total capacity of four cups.
ingredients needed for healthy coffee popsicles

How to make this recipe for whole food plant-based creamy latte coffee popsicles

The exact ingredients with measurements can be found in the recipe card below along with more concise abbreviated instructions. Read on for more details, tips, and tricks so that you will feel confident making this recipe.

creamy coffee popsicles on the kitchen counter top with a few coffee beans scattered on around

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Brew the coffee and soak the dates and cashews. I have not tried it, but see no reason that cold brew coffee wouldn’t work for these coffee popsicles. Measure out the coffee and place it in the fridge while the dates and cashews are soaking.

The recipe calls for large Medjool dates and raw cashews. (Read more about ways to use and cook with Medjool dates in this informative article.) We need to soak the dates and the cashews in hot water so that they will soften up for blending.

Remove the pits from the cashews before soaking. It’s really important that you get all of the pits out. If you miss one, it will not only ruin your recipe but won’t do nice things to your expensive high-speed blender either.

One trick I use is to always count the seeds before throwing them out. I know this sounds basic, but when you have a pile of dates on the counter and other things on your mind, it’s easy to miss. So remove the seeds and then count out all eight before throwing them out.

taking the pits out of the dates with a cupful of cashews in background

You can soak the dates and the cashews in the same container with hot water. They should soften up at about the same time.

There are two exceptions to this. One is if the dates are old and hard, to begin with. They may need an extra hour or two to soften up. The other is if you use roasted and salted cashews – which I do not recommend. Soak those overnight and then triple rinse to remove the salt.

soaking the dates and cashews in hot water
Go ahead and soak the dates and cashews in the same container.

Step 2: Blend the ingredients

Discard the soaking water. You will not be using the soaking water for the coffee popsicles! Place the soaked cashews, Medjool dates, cool brewed coffee, and vanilla extract into a high-speed blender. Blend for a few minutes until everything is nice and creamy and smooth.

Give it a little taste after blending. Is it sweet enough for you? Things will become less sweet when they freeze. It is too late to blend in another date at this point, but you might want to add a little maple syrup to taste if you would like your iced coffee popsicles to be more sweet tasting.

Step 3: Time to freeze the coffee popsicles

Carefully pour the coffee mixture into each mold as evenly as possible. Use a container with a pour spout or a funnel to pour the coffee without making (much) mess. Yes, you will still make a little mess!

Try to not overfill any of the popsicle molds. It’s best to leave the tiniest bit of space for expanding. When the coffee mixture freezes, the water content will expand. This just makes it more messy and hard to remove the frozen popsicles.

showing the sad result of overfilling the popsicle molds. Some have expanded and made a frozen coffee mess at the top.
Yes, it’s a mess!

Time to freeze!

If you have a handy cover for your popsicle molds, then place the cover on and insert each stick into the slots. If your popsicle mold does not have a cover, then freeze for an hour or two, remove it from the freezer, and then push in the sticks and continue freezing.

inserting the sticking
I love the handy cover for my popsicle molds. You can place each popsicle stick in the slots and begin freezing right away!

You need to be careful that you don’t shove the popsicle sticks in too far. If you push them to the very bottom then you won’t have enough stick to hold onto when you eat your popsicle.

two frozen pops showings the results when the sticks were pushed in too far. Short sticks with nothing to hold on to.
These sticks are way too short!

Freeze in an upright position for at least six hours. Check for firmness before unmolding, and return the popsicle molds to the freezer if necessary.

Final step: Time to unmold!

Once the coffee popsicles are fully frozen, it is time to unmold and enjoy. If you have a silicone mold like mine, it should be easy enough to push each one up from the bottom of the mold.

If they are being stubborn, then run some warm water on the bottom of the molds and then try pushing up. Don’t pull out by the sticks or the coffee pop might break when you are removing it.

running the frozen coffee popsicle molds under warm water

Wrap the frozen popsicles in plastic or place each in the freezer. Try to consume within a couple of weeks. These coffee popsicles are not soft like a fudgesicle but not as icy as a regular popsicle. They have a very slight chocolate undertone. Perhaps from the combination of the cashews and dates?

holding a coffee popsicles in hand

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The printable recipe card

creamy coffee popsicles in bowl of ice with a few coffee beans scattered on around

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creamy coffee popsicles in bowl of ice with a few coffee beans scattered on around

Creamy Latte Coffee Popsicles, Whole Food Plant-Based

These creamy coffee popsicles are made from whole food plant-based ingredients for a tasty, healthy, mid-afternoon pick-me-up on a warm summer day. Made with freshly brewed coffee, raw cashews, and Medjool dates, these coffee popsicles are going to be a tasty break to look forward to each day.
from 1 reader review
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Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: frozen coffee popsicles, healthy popsicles
Prep Time: 3 hours
freezing time: 6 hours
Servings: 10
Calories: 126kcal
Author: Cindy Rainey


  • popsicle mold see notes


  • cups strongly brewed coffee
  • 1 cup raw cashews warning see notes
  • 8 large Medjool dates Pitted and soaked
  • hot water to cover the cashews and dates discard after soaking
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Brew and measure out the coffee. Set in the refrigerator to cool.
  • Remove the pits from the dates. Soak the cashews and Medjool dates in enough hot water to cover them by a couple of inches. Let soak for one hour.
  • Drain the cashews and dates and place them in a high-speed blender with the brewed and cooled coffee and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Blend for a few minutes until creamy and smooth.
  • Taste the mixture. If if is not sweet enough for you then add some maple syrup to the mixture.
  • Evenly pour the coffee/cashew mixture into each mold. Don't overfill. In fact, you can leave about one-quarter inch of space at the top of each mold. The coffee pops will expand as they freeze.
  • If you have a cover like my popsicle molds, put the cover on and place each stick into the slits at the top. See notes if you don't have a cover
  • Put in the freezer for about 6 hours until frozen solid.
  • Remove and carefully pop each popsicle out from the bottom of the silicone mold. If your mold is not silicone then follow the directions that came with your mold. If you are having trouble getting one out, run warm water over the outside of the molds before removing.


I used a 10-space popsicle mold. This is the one I bought on Amazon.
Special warning: You must MUST disclose to anyone consuming these coffee popsicles that they contain cashews which can be a serious allergin.
Note about sweetening the coffee mixture. Keep in mind that these coffee popsicles are supposed to be sweet. When they freeze they will lose much of their sweetness. So make them a little sweeter if you wish.
Note about the sticks: My popsicle molds come with a handy cover with slots to hold the popsicle sticks. If yours doesn’t, then freeze for an hour before carefully sliding the sticks into each mold. Also, do not push your sticks in so far that you won’t have a good handle to hold onto when holding the frozen popsicle. 


Calories: 126kcal | Carbohydrates: 18g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 6g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Sodium: 3mg | Potassium: 248mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 14g | Vitamin A: 29IU | Vitamin C: 0.1mg | Calcium: 18mg | Iron: 1mg

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