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Recreating Family Favorites the Plant-Based/Vegan Way!

  • You’ve decided to give plant-based cooking a try. But you’re not sure where to start.
  • You’re looking for that perfect dish – you know, the one that’s going to have them begging for more.
  • You’ve finally found a recipe that looks interesting… but you just aren’t sure. What are all of these ingredients? And what if they don’t like it?
  • There are so many steps! It’s confusing...it’s complicated. And the time for dinner has come and past. 
  • You really wanted to make it work. You shrug your shoulders and think, maybe tonight’s not the night. So you call for takeout and call it a day. 

I believe that with a little knowledge, effort, and planning, you can cook plant-based meals your family will love.

What people are saying about  Veggie Fun Kitchen:

I used your seasoning and substituted soy curls. Your seasoning is spot on! I used the seasoned curls to make pizza and kale “sausage” soup. Thank you!

So easy to make! I didn’t change a thing!

The step by step directions were so helpful

Wow – this tastes amazing and your directions/recipe was easy to follow. It was so good it reminded me of my pre-vegan days eating a meat BBQ sandwich!

  • Imagine you had the confidence and the skills to make easy substitutions in your cooking so that you could prepare delicious plant-based meals that your family would love.
  • Imagine building your pantry with a staple of new ingredients that you could pull and use in your plant-based kitchen.
  • Imagine having the skills, recipes, and confidence to meal-prep once or twice a week so that you could get out of the kitchen on the other days and get back to your life!
  • Imagine the feeling of pride and accomplishment when you put a meal on the table that you know is nutritious and delicious.

When you become a member of the Veggie Fun Kitchen community, you’ll gain the knowledge and learn the skills to confidently cook plant-based meals your whole family will enjoy.

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How do I know I can help? Because just like you, I’ve been there too!Cindy in kitchen sprinkling vegan cheese on lasagna 

As a young mother, feeling a shift in my ethics and wanting my children to develop healthy eating habits out the gate, I decided to give vegan cooking a try. And try, I did! But night after night,  barely touched plates were returned to the kitchen and the pizza delivery number found its way to my speed-dial. The truth was, I had no idea what I was doing! I came from a family where dinner wasn’t dinner unless it had meat on the plate.

So I gave up and went back to my old stand-by recipes that were definitely the opposite of vegan food. Until I had a health scare some years later and my doctor recommended I give up certain foods and try plant-based eating. This time, I was determined to make it work.

  • I joined recipe groups, poured over cookbooks, and took plant-based cooking classes
  • I learned a few tricks about meal-prep and batch cooking.
  • I looked at the old recipes we all loved and missed and experimented with ingredients and substitutions so that I could recreate our favorite meals the plant-based way.

I now confidently prepare healthy vegan meals we all enjoy and I don’t spend my life in the kitchen! The best part? No one complains anymore! They just lift their plates and ask for more

And I know you can too! I want to hear from you. Let me know what you are struggling with. Let me know about your successes! I’m one email away.  

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Cindy at the kitchen counter with a welcoming smile, drinking from a red cup

When I’m not busy recreating recipes the plant-based way or cooking for a crowd, you might find me teaching in my 1st-grade classroom, or going on adventures, enjoying all Southern California has to offer…

…or taking care of these two crazy pups!Two dogs, a German Shepherd mix and an Alaskan Klee Kai, sitting on the couch and looking cute.

2 crazy pups

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