Pico de Gallo with Chips

Pico de Gallo

Course: Topping
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: Plant-based, vegan
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 8 people
Calories: 16 kcal
Author: Cindy Rainey

Pico de Gallo is fresh and chunky.  It's made from fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapeƱos, lime, cilantro, and a little salt. It goes great with chips or other Mexican dishes.  Pico de Gallo is naturally vegan, gluten-free, and plant-based. 



  • 4 roma tomatoes de-seeded and diced
  • 1 cup white onion diced (about 1/3 large onion)
  • 1/4 cup jalapeno deveined, de-seeded, diced
  • 3/4 cup cilantro chopped
  • 1/4 cup lime juice (about 2)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. Take the seeds out of the tomatoes and jalapeƱos and dice all vegetables.

  2. Mix together with salt and lime juice.

  3. Use as topping for Mexican dishes or scoop onto tortilla chips.  Cover and refrigerate leftovers for up to one week.

Nutrition Facts
Pico de Gallo
Amount Per Serving
Calories 16
% Daily Value*
Sodium 148mg 6%
Potassium 126mg 4%
Total Carbohydrates 3g 1%
Sugars 1g
Vitamin A 7.8%
Vitamin C 14.2%
Calcium 0.8%
Iron 0.8%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.