Vegan Pina Colada Ice Cream

This Pina Colada ice cream is so easy to make with canned pineapple chunks in juice, coconut cream, banana, maple syrup, and of course a little rum extract, this creamy delicious dairy-free frozen tropical dessert will remind you of relaxing on a beach at sunset, sipping a Pina colada, and letting your cares go by."

- Veggie Fun Kitchen


Key Ingredient


– ½ cup lite coconut cream – ¼ cup maple syrup – 8 ounces canned pineapple chunks in juice – 1½ teaspoon rum extract – ½ cup sliced banana

Vegan Pina Colada  Ice Cream Recipe


4 Servings




15 Minutes



1. Measure out one-half cup coconut cream from the top of a can of coconut milk or cream. I used lite coconut milk.


2. Add the 8 ounce can of pineapple chunks in juice (including the juice), the maple syrup, and rum extract. Give it a stir.


3. Slice a small banana into the mixture ensuring the level does NOT go above the two cup mark. This is very important!


4. Pour into the Ninja Creami pint container and freeze upright for 24 hours. If you are using another type of ice cream freezer/maker, you will need to blend the ingredients and process according the manufacturers' directions.


5. Following the manufacturer's directions, process on "lite" ice cream. If it needs to process further, then do a respin. See the next step for the processing directions if you are new to the Ninja Creami and please refer to the directions in your owner's manual.


6. Remove the pint from the freezer and remove the lid from the pint. Place in the outer bowl and "lock" or set in the pint into place. Install the paddle onto the outer bowl lid according to directions in the owner's manual. Close the lid and lock into place. Plug in the machine and set the entire assembly onto the platform and turn right till it locks into place.

Processing directions:

7. Turn on and process on "lite" ice cream mode. When it has finished processing, remove with the button according to directions and remove the lid. If it is powdery, do a respin. If fruit chunks have frozen against the sides after process, run the pint container under hot water for about 30 seconds before the respin..

Processing directions (continued):

8. You can check at this point to see if it has as much rum flavoring as you'd like and add in an extra half teaspoon if desired before respining. Or if you don't need to respin then select the mix in mode.

Processing directions (continued):


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