Recipe Inspirations

Recipes on Veggie Fun Kitchen are a combination of original recipes, vegan adaptations of (non-vegan) recipes we’ve had in our home for years and adaptations of or inspirations from other vegan recipes available on the internet. When possible I will attribute original sources along with adaptations and inspirations. Understand though, that any cook adapts, changes, and combines recipes over time; and that by the time they are willing to put their stamp on the recipe and share, they may have no idea where the recipe was originally sourced. Before this food blog was even a twinkle in my eye, I had a substantial pile of such recipes and while I would love to provide a clear path and link to each original recipe, I simply am not able to. So… in addition to providing links to original recipes when possible, I have drawn inspiration from the following food bloggers and hope you will visit their sites and learn from them as I have:

Minimalist Baker

Brand New Vegan

Raw Till Whenever

Happy Herbivore

Clean Food Dirty Girl